September Newsletter

//September Newsletter

September Newsletter

Dear Friends, Family, and Supporters,

This past year has been one of reflection for Sheep Clinic. We are celebrating our 5th year of opening our doors to provide much-needed health care to those without insurance in our communities! Our 5th year! It fills our hearts with joy and wonder to see what God has done through us, to see how God has used the gifts and talents of each volunteer over the years and every, single dollar given. He has guided and directed our path and provided for us along the way. It is amazing what God can do with a group of people of one mind and heart and purpose. There are good people doing good things in the world for good people.

Two weeks ago, a reporter and a photographer from the Tribune Review came to the clinic to interview our volunteer nurses, desk staff, providers, and patients for an article about the 5th Anniversary of Sheep Inc Health Care Center. You could hear the wonder in their voices and see the amazement in their eyes as they looked around and saw the good work the clinic was doing in the community and all the people we were helping.

None of what is being done in the clinic could be done without our dedicated, experienced volunteers, past and present, and all the many people who have donated and supported us through the years. Thank you so much!

We are planning to have a 5th Anniversary Cake and Punch Party the evening of clinic November 12th , from 5:oopm -8:00pm. It will be an open house. Come and celebrate with us! And you can see the clinic up and running and helping people throughout the evening.

Even as we rejoice in what God has done in the past, we are now looking forward to see where God wants to take us next and what He wants us to do. Please be praying for us as we seek God for how we can reach even more people in need in our communities and the surrounding area

Many Blessings,
Eileen Andrews
Director of Clinic Operations,
‘Showing Christ’s love and compassion by providing quality
healthcare for uninsured individuals and their families’