Sheep Clinic and Dr. Beasley Featured on K-LOVE Radio

//Sheep Clinic and Dr. Beasley Featured on K-LOVE Radio

Sheep Clinic and Dr. Beasley Featured on K-LOVE Radio

Sheep Inc Health Care Center, Dr. Beasley, and our partnership with Monroeville Assembly of God are featured in an article and a podcast on KLOVE Radio, on their News page. Click the link below to to read the full article from on K-Love.

No Insurance, No Problem

Monroeville, PA (K-LOVE News) – More than 20 million people are uninsured in the United States and that means getting the healthcare they need becomes a real struggle. Dr. Bob Beasley of Sheep Inc. Health Care Center answers that need for people in Monroeville, Pennsylvania.

Sheep Inc. is a faith-based free clinic providing free check-ups, prescriptions, and basic care. Started six years ago, the clinic is staffed with experienced health professionals volunteering their time and expertise.  Five chaplains are also on hand for counseling and prayer to meet the spiritual needs.

Based on Matthew 25:35-36, the clinic seeks to invite the stranger in and care for him. Dr. Beasley notes many people without insurance face alienation at the very time they need it most, sharing “…people often feel abandoned when they can’t go and they hear those words, ‘Well, sorry I can’t see you, you don’t have insurance.’ I think people love to be loved. I think that is the greatest triumph of a clinic, of a free clinic, is giving hope to people who feel left out.”

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